1. Do I have to use online payments? Can I pay by check instead?
Yes! Online payments are a secure, safe, quick, easy way to pay.
Sometimes we partner with area organizations to host leagues and clinics. In those cases, checks/cash may be the required method of payment. If this is the case, on the registration and information page for the league, it will be clear that checks/cash are the required (perhaps only) method of payment. (For example, Maple Grove Summer League, Osseo/Park Center Fall Youth Clinic/League).
2. Why does Lacrosse Connections have tiered pricing?
We love to give discounts to families that can plan ahead, as the earlier players register, the sooner we can place a correct order for pinnies/t-shirts, create the schedule, work on staffing, etc.
The late registration fee helps us cover expenses we have to take on (i.e. ordering extra pinnies/t-shirts, buying extra insurance coverage) for unknown final numbers.
3. Why am I required to have a login?
A login allows you access to the rosters and game schedules for the upcoming/current leagues. We want to protect players' names and game schedules from the various eyes that scroll the internet. Although it is an added step to log in to the member areas of the website, we feel this extra level of protection is worth it.
You only need to create this once and then you can use your username and login for years to come. Lacrosse Connections does NOT store passwords in our system, so if you forget yours, please follow the prompts under the log in button to reset your information.
4. Am I able to get extra playing time?
Yes! Simply check-in with the league manager (at our table) or with a coach, who will see if any of the other teams need additional players that week.
You are welcome to stay and play on as many teams that need additional players on any given week at no extra charge.
Note that if a team has most of their players, we respect their access to playing time, so will not take on volunteers.
5. Can I play with my friends?
Yes! Be sure to sign up early and to put those you want to play with (either your high school/community program or specific names of friends) in the special request box of the registration form.
Whenever possible, we aim to put girls from the same high school/community program on the same team, as we understand it can be the most fun to play with friends and easier for carpooling.
Please note: we cannot guarantee placement with friends/your high school or community program if you are signing up close to the start of the league, as team rosters may be full already.
We often advertise roster spots left on the rosters/schedule page as we get close to the start of the league.
6. Why isn't there a league or clinic in my area?
We are always looking for ways to bring programming to more girls in our state. If you have a community that would like programming closer to you, please reach out to lacrosse.connections@gmail.com.
7. Myself/Our team is looking for help developing a specific skill set, can Lacrosse Connections help?
Yes! We offer both private individual player and private team training practices.
This option is particularly attractive to many teams looking for more structured captains practices right before the season.
Reach out to us at lacrosse.connections@gmail.com.